Non-profit organization



The mission of the Sandoval County 4-H Amigos is to support, promote, enhance, and to embrace our traditional rural lifestyle and values.  These values reflect the way in which we connect to the land, the water to each other and to all living things.  Through integrity, fairness and respectful collaboration, our goal is to create a fun filled atmosphere of competition, celebration and hope for future generations.


Executive Board

President: Leroy Lovato

Vice- President:  Gaylan Hood

Secretary:  Lacey Bendzus 

Treasurer: Jennifer Mauney

Board of Directors

Felix Aguilar

Bob Eichhorst

Dona Eichhorst

Susi Eichhorst

Johnny Garbagni

Deke Moore

Rebekah Moore

Evangeline Sanchez

Julian Sanchez